Amber Waves [Card Game] Global Game Jam (January 2017)

Amber Waves is a cooperative card game that teaches strategies of obfuscation for digital privacy and community support.

Now More Than Ever [Web] WRIT LARGE 2016 Corpus Query Project (November 2016)

A poetry generator based on real instances of the phrase “now more than ever” commissioned for the 2016 WRIT LARGE Corpus Query project. A collaborative project with a linguistics PhD student.

Video Games: The Design of Fun from Concept to Code [Class] UCSC COSMOS (July 2016)

A class on video game design, software development, and games as a form of personal expression. COSMOS is a one month program for high school students that offers programs in a variety of scientific disciplines. Cotaught with one other instructor.

Hydras Like Stories [Unity3d] MFA Thesis, UCSC (2015-2016)

A critical software tool for visualizing and understanding the unique qualities of multi-player narrative for improved multi-player narrative design in digital games.
Awards: Division of Arts Alumni Association Award at the UCSC Graduate Research Symposium, Santa Cruz, CA.

You and the Garden [Unity3d] Independent (2015 - present)

A first-person exploration game featuring an artificial intelligence presence in a low-poly garden sandbox. A collaborative project with one other designer.
Awards: Finalist in the Dare to be Digital Student Game Development Competition; Dundee, Scotland. Selected Project for the UCSC Arts Division and Plantronics Creativity and Innovation Scholarship; Santa Cruz, CA.

Season [Boardgame] Global Game Jam (January 2016)

A boardgame in which players collaboratively build a portrait of a landscape by placing and resolving story tokens on a map each turn. Living through the different seasons of the region, players experience the rituals and rhythms of life while unearthing memories of a distant present.

Looking Up [Processing] 3rd Friday: Blue at Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History (March 2015)

A projection-based installation that critically re-imagines the experience of giving character to clouds. Numbers, vehicles, and commercial objects march side by side across the sky with the classic fantasies of our childhood.

God is a Measure of Faith and Attention [Processing] UCSC (December 2014)

A projection-based installation that asks viewers to sit with it while generating a world over the period of an hour, using their presence (measured via web cam).

Game Narrative Review: Sid Meier's Civilization V [Essay] GDC Narrative Summit (2014)

An analysis of narrative systems & strategies employed in Sid Meier's Civilization V focused on emergent narrative, player identity, and historical detournement.
Awards: Gold Winner at the 2014 Game Developer's Conference; San Francisco, CA

Introduction to Game Design [Class] Healing Arts Initiative (2014)

A set of introductory classes for game design for middle and highschool students, teaching game creation in both Twine and Unity3d. The course was taught as an after-school program at two charter schools in New York City, and a similar program was co-taught at a public school on Staten Island.


Santa Cruz, California