COSMOS UCSC Cluster 5: Video Games

Teaching • Santa Cruz, CA • 2015 - 2017
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The California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science (COSMOS) is a 4-week summer residential program for high school students with locations at four University of California campuses (Santa Cruz, Davis, Irvine, and San Diego). The video games cluster at COSMOS UC Santa Cruz focuses on helping students find their paths as independent creators and artists, using games as a platform for building a culture of group-learning and self-expression in the classroom.

Admitted students come from a range of background experiences - writers, coders, visual artists - and learn to use their skills (and the new skills they acquire) to build each other up while learning the theories and technologies used to make digital games. The video game cluster at COSMOS UCSC is a teaching environment that I am very proud to have helped construct, and it operates as a sort of template for how I believe creative coding and game design classes can be most successful.