Digital Game • Santa Cruz, CA / Durham, NC • Ongoing
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A reinterpretation of the bullet hell genre through the lens of local multiplayer gaming, Dot.Combat! pits two players against each other in a fixed arena. Rather than directly shoot at one another, players lay bullet generators throughout the field, building up a hell-scape of deadly patterns that they must both avoid.

A special version of Dot.Combat! was shown at Fort Night: Neon Robot Iceberg, a special event at the Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture, as part of a collaboration with artist Sean Pace, who runs a mobile fabrication lab for new media art.

Dot.Combat! was originally created as part of the Local Games Salon, a series of gatherings coordinated by myself and a cohort member at UC Santa Cruz. Operating as a focus point on campus for locally-produced, local-multiplayer games, Local was responsible for the creation and playtesting of nearly a dozen games between its creation in the autumn of 2014 and its end in the spring of 2016.

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Shown at:
  • Fort Nights: Neon Robot Iceberg, with Sean Pace and The Art Crawler, Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA, 2016