God is a Measure of Faith and Attention

Interactive Projection • Santa Cruz, CA • 2014
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Over the course of an afternoon, a computer generates the image of a world, whose vibrancy and scale are directly related to the number of people present in the space. The piece, like religion (and perhaps a religion of its own), demands a high level of faith - that the generative process, occurring at too grand a rate to directly observe its impact, is truly influenced by the person - and attention - in that the piece asks for a substantial amount of time and sacrifice for the observer to be a meaningful part of it.

The piece's location in the gallery setting operates as analog to the dissonances that emerge between formal religion (adherence, attention) and American culture (media saturation, time constraints) in the contemporary moment.

Shown at the UCSC Digital Arts and New Media 2014 Open Studios graduate-student exhibition, four worlds were generated over a four hour period. The piece was written in Processing and detected presence in the space using a webcam.

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Shown at:
  • UCSC Digital Arts and New Media 2014 Open Studios