Scholars Play

Academic Criticism • Santa Cruz, CA • 2015 - 2017
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Scholars Play has streamed a blend of gameplay and academic criticism on approximately once a week for the past three years. Started by Peter Mawhorter and Stacey Mason in February, 2015, the stream has since passed through the hands of several other configurations of scholars based at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Each week a different game is chosen for streaming, and the scholars demonstrate the process of analyzing the game in real time. By making games criticism an in-process, interactive performance, Scholars Play hopes to provide an accessible connection between game academics and viewers. Scholars Play has also featured a variety of guest scholars from the academic community on the stream, encouraging academics to see Twitch as a serious platform for engagement with their work.

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Collaboration with:
  • ScholarsPlay: What Academics Can Teach About Criticism on Twitch, TwitchCon 2016, San Diego, 2016