Board Game • Santa Cruz, CA • 2016
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Season is a narrative game for two to five players. Players excavate a now lost region of the Northeastern United States. Living through the different seasons of the region, these archaeologists experience the rituals and rhythms of life while unearthing memories of a distant present.

Players collaboratively build a portrait of the landscape by placing and resolving story tokens on a map each turn. The map uses markers on a plexiglass overlay to divide the playspace into regions that take on meaning over the course of play. Season exists in a space somewhere between board games and story games, similar to the map-based roleplaying game, The Quiet Year. You are invited to share in the author’s nostalgia for an East Coast from which he had then departed, or customize the game to your own seasons using the provided card templates.

Season was created at UC Santa Cruz's jam site in 48 hours for the 2016 Global Game Jam.

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