Amber Waves, Card Game [Global Game Jam 2017] - Amber Waves is a cooperative card game that teaches strategies of obfuscation for digital privacy and community support. A solo project created at UC Santa Cruz's jam site.

Season, Board Game [Global Game Jam 2016] - Players excavate a now lost region of the Northeastern United States. Living through the different seasons of the region, these archaeologists experience the rituals and rhythms of life while unearthing memories of a distant present. A solo project created at UC Santa Cruz's jam site.

Dot.Combat!, Web Game [Local Games Salon 2015] - A reinterpretation of the bullet hell genre through the lens of local multiplayer gaming, Dot.Combat! pits two players against each other in a fixed arena. Rather than directly shoot at one another, players lay bullet generators throughout the field, building up a hell-scape of deadly patterns that they must both avoid.

Revolver 1, Physical Game [Global Game Jam 2015] - A game of conflict resolution for 2 players, created in the style of a New Games game. The game blends the Meisner acting technique, formal conflict resolution, and the pleasures of Caillois's ilinx into a playful ritual experience. A solo project created at UC Santa Cruz's jam site.

Entitled, Card Game [UCSC Slugjam 2014] - Entitled is a card game of introductions for large groups of players. Designed to be played at social events where many people are meeting for the first time, the game requires people to collect modular title cards and introduce themselves to one another. The game was co-designed with the rest of my Playable Media cohort - Adrian Phillips, Marcelo Viana Neto, Michael Thom├ęt, and Sarah Fay Krom.

Us and Them, SMS Game [Global Game Jam 2014] - Us and Them is a game of assimilation played over SMS. It uses Twilio to automatically communicate between players and the game server, meaning that you never have to exchange numbers with another player or compromise security. Co-designed with Benjamin Walker and Cindy Juarez at the NYU Game Center jam site.


Santa Cruz, California