You and the Garden

Digital Game • Santa Cruz, CA / Dundee, Scotland • 2015
cover image

You and the Garden is a first-person game of exploration and intimacy in which the player explores a low-poly garden space, encountering an artificial intelligence presence within. Using a variety of player modeling and artificial-intelligence planning techniques, the non-embodied AI presence responds to the player, producing a dialogue of play between the player and the game.

Beyond simple exploration through the space, the player also has access to an in-game console to manipulate objects and interact with the game. Together, the player and game explore an alternative to the grand fantasies of AI, forming a personal and intimate relationship of understanding between two equal entities.

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Collaboration with:
  • Dare to Be Digital 2015 Finalist
  • UCSC Arts Division and Plantronics Creativity and Innovation Scholarship
Shown at:
  • Dare ProtoPlay Festival, Dundee, Scotland, 2015
  • Blindspot, DANM 2016 MFA Exhibition, Santa Cruz, California, 2016